5 Ways to Amp Up your Network Security

June 22nd, 2019 by admin

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Simple Tips to Keep your Business Safe

Many businesses, especially small to mid-size companies, worry about weak network security systems. Unfortunately, many will encounter attacks and threats that could have been easily prevented, had they just done some quick security tweaking to their operations.

Lack of knowledge, preparation, and resources can make businesses believe that they can operate with what they have, until something happens that puts their business in jeopardy. No matter the size of your company, it is critical to address the security of your business, as a breach can make or break your operations. Every business can have a strong network security with just a few simple tricks:

  1. Complete a network security assessment. Free and low-cost evaluations are available to catch common vulnerabilities within your network, or you could contact a security specialist to complete a comprehensive evaluation as well as create a solution tailored for your business that will protect every aspect surrounding your company.
  2. Educate your workplace. Did you know that most business cyber-attacks occur due to human error or unawareness? Conducting team training on the types of attacks out there, how they happen, and ways to prevent them is critical in preventing over 70% of cyber threats and breaches. Learning password etiquette, types of phishing attempts, and unsafe network practices will make your business stronger and more resistant to threats.
  3. Setup the appropriate firewalls for your business. Any company that sells services or products should equip themselves with advanced firewall protection as well as a web application firewall, otherwise known as WAF. WAF secures and protects sensitive customer and client data against outside threats and breaches request forgery and intrusion.
  4. Use a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs offer privacy and protection online by encrypting your internet connection. They hide internet history, business data, applications, and information from hackers, internet providers, or any other entity attempting to collect your private information. VPNs also enable employees to access your networks from anywhere in the world, even if in a country where specific applications are blocked.
  5. Make sure routers and other firmware are up to date. Outdated equipment automatically puts your business at risk tenfold and is a common issue for small and midsized companies. Updating can fix bugs, improve security, and enable new features.

Rev up your current systems to keep your business safe. At Protel Communications, we perform network assessments and can recommend the latest technology solutions for the most affordable and efficient security.

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