The Importance of Call Recording

June 6th, 2019 by admin

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Many business VoIP phone systems include the feature, call recording. This feature has immense significance in voice technology due to its use in logging calls to be referred back to later. Call recording is a must-have feature for just about any business. From helping companies understand customer or client concerns, assessing common issues, monitoring customer experience to improve service in the future, to training new employees; the benefits are endless. Call recording strengthens businesses and assists in making operations smoother for managers, employees, and customers.

Quality assurance is the most common use of call recording and allows supervisors to listen in on calls to ensure that the agent is following proper protocol, meeting quality standards, and providing the best experience possible to the caller over the phone. Call recording also helps managers ensure that employees are abiding by compliance regulations and protecting the privacy of every caller. Recorded calls can also assist in training new staff and helping them understand proper calling techniques and etiquette when conducting a call and speaking as a representative.

Another significant use of call recording is catching any missed information and details as well as resolving disputes. Recordings make it simple to go back and capture any information missed during a previous call; to prevent calling back customers. Also, in the case of litigation, call recordings can potentially save your business by having the ability to provide a record of calls made by a customer or client as proof or evidence.

Other ways call recording is beneficial for business are for improving operations and customer experience, finding trends within callers such as geographic location and demographics, and analyzing other factors to create effective marketing campaigns to use to retain and attract more customers. At Protel Communications, we know the importance of call recording and ensure that your new phone system is equipped with the right features such as call accounting and call recording to enhance your overall business infrastructure.

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