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February 6th, 2018 by admin

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At Protel, we can assess your current system and then make recommendations on how best to improve your communication capabilities. There are a wide range of benefits and cost savings when you decide to move to a hosted system. Hosted systems can be expanded one line at a time and you pay only for active lines, rather than having to pay licensing fees per port with an on-premise system.

Hosted systems have the added appeal of saving you on technology upgrades and protect you from product obsolescence. You will have access to feature updates as soon as they become available without the cost of having to upgrade or schedule system maintenance on premise.

Whether you are a centrally located business or a multi-location enterprise we build to suit and can integrate all users and locations, we have the capability of connecting up to 500 locations totaling 100,000 ports.This allows users to place, receive, and transfer calls from all locations.

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