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December 2nd, 2018 by admin

Surveillance camera from a downward angle with blurry building backdrop

When you think of how you can protect your business, what comes to mind? Is it making sure your doors are locked at the end of the day, or maybe about getting bigger and better locks in the right places, or perhaps some of you thought of a room full of small screens that show multiple locations on your property? All of those are rather outdated solutions to the age-old problem of keeping your business safe and secure. However, one of those solutions has a better and more modern version that can help keep your business protected in ways you never could before.

Video Surveillance has come a long way in the past few years. Gone are the days of low-quality analog cameras whos cables all lead back to a single monitoring room that records everything on a VCR. Now cameras are HD quality and CD Quality Audio that can connect to your system wirelessly. With its wireless accessibility, you can now access your feed remotely through a mobile device. Allowing you to always have a watchful eye on your business at any time.

With features such as that, it's hard to beat what a modern Video Surveillance system can do to keep your business detected. Don't just settle for making sure that you locked the door every night, give Protel Communications a call call program and get the support you need.

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