Your Carrier Service Audit

December 21st, 2017 by admin

Audit Checklist

If you’re like many of our other customers, you’re busy enough as it is running a business and meeting customer demands. Then comes the unpleasant task of reviewing your phone bill each month and seeing high prices. Do you stop and think, "Am I getting the best deal from this carrier?" If you’re looking for an answer, then our full carrier service audit is the right thing for you.

We are a single source provider and bring a wealth of knowledge about the current industry standards, best practices, and pricing structures. We look at your phone bill to see whether you’re getting the savings our other customers enjoy. Our team can also assess whether your service providers are living up to their commitments or adding unnecessary extra charges. The services they provide need to match your usage and needs, by looking at your current IT requirements and infrastructure our team can match your business to the best offers from a range of carriers.

In addition to reviewing your phone bill and carrier service quality, our team can also check if you’re getting the best deal for your video conferencing, PBX, and internet contracts. We know our way around business communications and IT infrastructure – so schedule your individual audit with us today!

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